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The Center for Integrated Transportation Systems Management (CITSM) at the University of Maryland College Park was established as a tier I university transportation center in 2008. The goal of the center is the Development of Advanced Technology, Improved Processes, and Enhanced Organizational Structures for the Integrated Management and Operation of Transportation Facilities and Corridors.


The Center for Integrated Transportation System Management (CITSM)’s mission will be accomplished by reaching the following objectives:

  1. Design and present a program plan that incorporates and balances innovative transportation research projects with technology applications activities;
  2. Devise and implement an objective process for selecting and reviewing research based on the University Transportation Centers Program mission;
  3. Build research partnerships with the private sector, non-FHWA government agencies, and/or other academic institutions;
  4. Develop research initiatives with the public sector, industry, and/or other academic institutions to address transportation needs both in the short and long term;
  5. Emphasize modal and multi-modal transportation issues consistent with Department of Transportation research needs;
  6. Advance the skills of today's state and local highway agencies to operate and maintain various transportation infrastructures and management control systems;
  7. Conduct research that addresses institutional or non-technical issues that may assist in the development of transportation legislation or management policy;
  8. Provide opportunities for visiting industry and government representatives to work on research activities;
  9. Incorporate technology transfer elements to promote information sharing of research results; and
  10. Attract and retain highly qualified faculty members, researchers, and students who are, or are expected to become, recognized experts in their fields of endeavor and who reflect the growing diversity of the US work force.


The Center for Integrated Transportation System Management (CITSM) focuses on the development of tools, processes and institutional relations that foster seamless management and operations of today’s transportation infrastructure. Such seamless operations will be derived from concentrating on the overall mission of transportation agencies rather than the narrower objectives of individual institutions and facilities. Integrated operation of the transportation infrastructure as a system rather than a collection of individual resources, offers the potential for significant improvements in system efficiency as measured by reductions in travel time and congestion along with improvements in travel reliability. Integrated system operation will have a positive impact on the nation’s economy, safety, air quality and energy consumption.


The theme of the Center is “Integrated Transportation Systems Management.” The Center conducts research and provides education and technology transfer related to this theme. The objective of this research is to provide improved mobility and reduced congestion for travelers and shippers using the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The emphasis of this work is on the integrated management of the transportation systems at all levels including planning, engineering, and operations. The University of Maryland has selected this theme because of its potential for significantly improving transportation system mobility and reliability, as demonstrated by numerous prior research projects conducted by its faculty and staff. A second, but equally important, objective of the Center is to educate the next generation of transportation engineers and planners with the tools needed for seamless management and operations of today’s transportation infrastructure and the deep understanding of the benefits of such a fully integrated system.



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