Civil & Environmental Engineering  


Prototyping A Low Cost and Scalable Wireless Sensor Network for Traffic Measurement
Mehdi Kalantari, ECE

Modeling Car Ownership Decisions and Vehicle Availability in the State of Maryland
Gerrit-Jan Knaap, Urban Studies & Planning

Discovering and Communicating Temporal Patterns within Incident Data
Catherine Plaisant,Computer Science

A Proof-of-Concept and Demonstration of a High Definition, Digital Video Surveillance and Wireless Transmission System for Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
Christopher Davis,ECE & Stuart Milner, CEE

Intermodal Transfer Coordination in Logistic Networks
Paul Schonfeld, CEE

Traffic Data Collection and Anonymous Vehicle Detection Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Ali Haghani, CEE

Development of Advanced Applications Using Bluetooth-Generated Traffic Flow Data
Ali Haghani, CEE

A Cognitive Sysytems Approach to Managing The Movement of Large Crowds
Elise Miller-Hooks, CEE

Departure Time Choice Model in the Presence of Time-of-Day Toll Pricing
Cinzia Cirillo, CEE

A Comprehensive Approach for Evaluating Value Pricing and Innovative Financing Policies
Lei Zhang, CEE

Development of an Integrated Multimodal Simulation System for the I-270 commuting Corridor
Gang-Len Chang, CEE

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Use of Carbon Credits in Transportation System Development and Management
Qingbin Cui, CEE

Understanding the Potential Impact of Various DMS Messages on Traffic Flow
Ali Haghani & Michael Pack, CEE

Integration of off-ramp and arterial signal controls to minimize the recurrent congestion on Capital Beltway
Gang-Len Chang, CEE

Integrating Vehicle Ownership Decisions into the Maryland Statewide Transportation Model
Kelly Clifton, URSP & Cinzia Cirillo, CEE

Modeling Violations in High-Occupancy Toll Lane Studies
Elise Miller-Hooks, CEE

Effectiveness and Equity of Future Transportation Financing Options at the Federal and State Levels
Lei Zhang, CEE

Estimating Drivers' Willingness to pay for HOT lanes on I-495 in Maryland
Cinzia Cirillo, CEE

Supply Chain Management in Disaster Response
Ali Haghani, CEE

Resilience of Freight Transportation Networks
Elise Miller-Hooks, CEE


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