Civil & Environmental Engineering  


Mehdi Kalantari - PI
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Final Report

In this project, we develop low cost, low profile, and energy self-sufficient sensor modules for different applications ofintelligent transportation systems. Theproposed sensors harvest the mechanicalvibration in street pavement and convertit to electrical energy for operation ofsensors. As an important application ofthis architecture, prototyping and fieldevaluation will be done for a variation ofthe proposed sensors that measure quantitiessuch as traffic volume, speed, density,and distribution of vehicle lengths.Compared to the existing solutions, theproposed architecture is economical, easyto install, easy to maintain, and energyself-sufficient.We expect the following outcome for thisproject: (i) Architectural design, development,and implementation of wirelesssensors that harvest their energy from vibrationin the road pavements; (ii) Signalprocessing techniques and algorithms toconvert raw data of sensors into quantitiessuch as space mean speed, vehiclelength, etc. and, (iii) reports on roadevaluation of the developed sensor in fieldexperiments and simulations.

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