Civil & Environmental Engineering  


TRAFFAX Traffic Detector Design and Testing

Dr. Ali Haghani, Civil & Environmental Engineering (UMD-MIPS)

The TRAFFAX project is a University partnership with private industry with the goal of developing and commercializing a Bluetooth-based traffic detector technology.  The development plan includes three distinct products:  a pre-production prototype, a mobile unit, and a permanent installation unit.  This proposal directly targets tasks needed for the development of the latter two.  The pre-production prototype was manufactured in house and is already under design, unveiled in the summer of 2008.  A limited number of pre-production prototypes will be sold to initial customers and used in early demonstrations and initial deployments.  The mobile and permanent-mount units will contain the functionality of the pre-production prototype but customized for use in their respective environments.  The proposed project targets the specifications, design, assembly of production prototypes, and testing of these two products, as well as smaller research tasks.


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Ali Haghani
   Dr. Haghani

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