Civil & Environmental Engineering  


Lei Zhang, Civil & Environmental Engineering (MDSHA)

This proposed research project has four main objectives:

  • Summarize current and emerging planning and policy issues in Maryland that MSTM needs to address and identify the types of improvements to MSTM which would improve the ability to address these issues.
  • Identify cost-effective approaches for improving MSTM based on SHA’s planning and policy analysis needs. In close cooperation with SHA, develop a long-range plan for continual improvement to the MSTM.
  • Obtain a better understanding of the feasibility and benefit of the activity/tour-based approach for travel demand forecasting at SHA;
  • Develop a prototype time-of-day choice model. If SHA plans to improve the time-of-day aspects of the MSTM, this prototype model can be further developed in a subsequent project and incorporated into MSTM to improve model sensitivity with respect to congestion, pricing, and other policies. 


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Lei Zhang
   Dr. Zhang


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